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Laurence's Walks in London
Laurence's Walks in London
Laurence's Walks in London

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I also write. Here is some of my work. If you think I could write for you, for a consideration, please let me know.

Selected Articles for Londonist


History, humour, science, abridged extracts from books, and reportage at Londonist (a web site about London.)


Londonist 3 How Gravity Was Measured in London

Londonist 4 Early Christmas Lectures at the RI

Londonist 5 London's History in 10 Manhole Covers

Londonist 6 Churchill's Wartime Wizards in London

Londonist 7 Chemical Elements Discovered in London

Londonist 8 A Stroll Through London in 1817

Londonist 9 Celebrating the Wrong Londoners?

Londonist 10 The Skip Garden

Londonist 11 Londoners' Who Helped Space Exploration

Londonist 12 Buckland's Brandy Drinking Porpoise

Londonist 13 Beaufort Scale for Pub Cats

Londonist 14 London Turned Purple by Perkin

Londonist 15 Life of Pie (Pie Charts) in London

Londonist 16 Ancient Antibiotics, Nanotechnology & Cabinets of Curiosity

Londonist 17 A History of London's Lighting Mapped

Londonist 18 London's Meteorologists Mapped

Londonist 19 How TV was invented in London

Londonist 20 Mrs Marshall's Victorian Recipes

Londonist 21 Invented in Paris Before London

Londonist 23 London Architecture (Medieval/Tudor)

Londonist 24 London Architecture (Georgian/Victorian)

Londonist 25 Fascinating Horse Facts About London

Londonist 26 Triva About the History of London Trivia

Londonist 27 Sewage History - More To It Than Bazalgette

Londonist 28 Strange Ships Built on the Thames

Londonist 29 Sir John Lubbock, a Hyperactive Victorian

Londonist 30 Victorian Science Museum Where Prince Albert Was Dunked

Londonist 31 Sewer Stories

Londonist 32 Rats' Tales

Londonist 33 Royal Societies, Institutions and Academies

Londonist 34 200 Years of Forensic Pathologists of London

Londonist 35 Londoners on the Moon

Design: Mike Paterson

Articles for London Historians


LH is a club for Londoners who like to learn more about their city's history.


Horse meat Pure Food, Clean Water and Fresh Air

Feel the Wonder On Telescopes and Microscopes

Making Light Work On Electric Light

A Statue for Mrs Davis? (Elizabeth Cadwaladyr)

Other Articles

British Library 1 London Knowledge Quarter

Clapham Wombat

Interesting Links

These links to other web sites are intended to be useful but also provide another window on things that I am interested in.

Chains from the Great Eastern? Photo: Tony Cullen


Underground  Stations with Toilets

London Pavement Geology
Deptford Creek Walks
Waverley Paddle Steamer
Royal Institution
London Canal & Ice Museum
Main Line Steam 2017
Peter Berthoud - Westminster Guide
Southside House, Wimbledon
Crossness Engines
Tower Bridge Construction
Film Locations
Churchill War Rooms
Tide Mill
Crossrail Tunnel Progress
Londonist Out Loud Podcast
Bomb Sites 1940-41
London Historians
Grant Museum
Thames Ironworks
Greater London Industrial Archaeology

Outside London

Brighton Sewer Tour, East Sussex
World War 1 Tunnels at La Boisselle, France
Witley Park, Surrey
Orford Ness, Suffolk
National Gas Museum, Leicester
Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire
UK Military Intelligence Museum, Bedfordshire
Yorkshire Museum of Victorian Science
Nerdy Day Trips
Sound Tourism (Worldwide)
Museum of Technology
Historic Houses of Romania
RAF Radar Museum

Previous Walks

Photos by Mike Gould

Across the Fleet Valley
Kensington Gardens

On the Web

The Museum of Retrotech

Tripe Advisor

Building Babbage's Analytical Engine

The Secret Life of Machines by Tim Hunkin
Search Blue Plaques
Subterranea Britannica

Periodic Table of Videos
Pillbox Study Group

Ingenious Ireland
UK Paintings National Collection
Voices of Science (British Library)
Aerofilms Images of Britain 1919-1953
Andrea Sella's Classic Kit Blog
Llama Burgers etc.
Zooniverse (Participate in Research at your PC)
Cuddly Diseases
Pubs with Cats
Lord Nelson (horseburgers on the menu)
Public Domain Review (Better than it sounds)


Friends' Web Sites

Do Chinese Painting

Rift Valley Leather
Mike's Photo Prints

British Forces in Palestine

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